Renting management


For the rental management of your property, VALIMOVIA accompanies you according to your needs. A la carte management to better meet your desires!

ECO MANAGEMENT 6% excl. tax on amounts collected

1 - Calls and collection of rents and charges, receipts from the tenant.

2 - Supplier payments and insurance (GLI, PNO, craftsmen, supplies, etc.).

3 - Payment of your rents and charges by transfer to your bank account.

4 - Instant availability of your management report on your extranet with email or SMS alert at the time of payment.

5 - Annual review of rents according to the INSEE index.

6 - Adjustment of rental charges.

7 - Regular monitoring of the tenant's obligations (boiler overhaul, home insurance update, chimney sweeping, air conditioning overhaul...).

8 - Management of the late payment collection process according to the options chosen (GLI, PJ...).

9 - Follow-up of your tenant's exit procedure, validity of the leave and notice, regularization of the charges prorata temporis, verification of the conformity of the exit inventory of fixtures, calculation and restitution of the security deposit.

INTEGRAL MANAGEMENT 7% excl. tax on amounts collected

All the ECO MANAGEMENT missions with the addition of :

10 - The management of technical interventions in dwellings

11 - taking calls concerning claims, relations with the craftsmen, relations with the insurance company, management of the estimates jointly with the owner, definition of the framework and organization of the mission, follow-up of its good progress until completion.

We also offer you
Rent Default Insurance (GLI)

2.15% on amounts collected

Legal Protection (PJ)

54 € / year

« Non-Occupant Homeowner's Insurance (NOLI) (excluding commercial premises) »
  • 57 € / year for an apartment
  • 252 € / year for a house

Preparing and drawing up the draft tax return and making it available on the Extranet

2 € / month

Periodic payments of condominium fees

2 € / month

VALIMOVIA provides you with high-performance technological means to access all your information in real time. You benefit from an EXTRANET with secure private access. Your management reports, draft land declaration, tenant accounts and rental income statement, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your manager keeps himself informed of the laws in force and ensures on your behalf a legal watch with the aim of protecting your interests.

All management and insurance costs are tax deductible.


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